Our franchising proposal

An investment in professional cleaning

Waiver fee Euros 30.000 + VAT

    Our package includes:

  1. Exclusive geographical area based on the region to which it belongs or the one available;
  2. Starter kit, one machine per type of professional line, three industrial machines, (5 kw-7,5 kw compact-9,5 standard) one generator of ozone and specific detergent for a value equal to the entry fee;
  3. Discounts reserved to the franchise;
  4. Website;
  5. First delivery of catalogues and systems for the following;
  6. Excl15 start up days of training at Novaltec (ideal 3 people 5 each) including technical area, sales marketing, statistics;
  7. Support in the area of competence of the franchisee (operating on customers);
  8. Manuals and job descriptions;
  9. Contacts or requests for information that may reach Novaltec from the area of competence of the franchisee;
  10. Participation in a major trade fair during the year;

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