the pawnee line

The company's flagship product. At 160°C steam can dissolve any type of grease and dirt, plus the Pawnee’s suction action, which recovers solid and liquid, makes any kind of cleaning job fast and effective. Surfaces are clean, decontaminated and completely dry. Very versatile, the Pawnee is excellent for cleaning floors where it sweeps, washes and dries in one pass, reaching the most inaccessible places, such as under work zones.
Great for steel, walls, tiles, windows, meat slicers, ovens, rugs, carpets, leather upholstery and leather. It sanitizes while eliminating the use of paper and rags, thus reducing the consumption of detergent and providing an important economic saving.
Thanks to the powerful suction dry surfaces are not subject to the growth of bacteria and when it comes to cleaning floors, the instant dry makes surfaces immediately safe for workers and customers. Plus it meets HACCP standards.

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