13. How to clean the Pawnee /R and Black Hawk /R boilers

How to clean the Pawnee /R and Black Hawk /R  boilers

1) Disconnect the device from the power supply and ensure that the boiler is not under pressure

2) Empty the water and detergent

3) Turn the base upside down

4) Remove the cover plate

5) Unscrew the cap


6) Turn the machine over again and place it above a container so that the boiler can drain completely

7) Mix a liter of vinegar and a liter of water and pour into the boiler

8) Close the boiler

9) Return the machine to the upright position and wait 12 hours, after which re-empty the boiler and rinse it several times in order to remove lime deposits

10) Fill the boiler with 2 liters of clean water 

11) Close the cap and the protective plate. The machine is ready to be restarted


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