06. Steam loss from the Black Hawk nozzle (12 Volt)

First check that the nozzle is properly inserted.    

1) If leakage continues, turn off the machine and release all pressure through the handle

2) Disconnect the device from the power supply

3) Disconnect the power connector cable from the machine

4) Remove the 12 Volt power pack from the machine

5) Open the 12 Volt power pack

6) Remove the external plastic casing

7) Replace the O-rings

8) After seals have been replaced, start reassembling the plug: position the wiring in its correct place on the bottom of the casing

9) Replace the power pack in its housing on the bottom of the machine body

10) Take care with cables, ensuring that they are repositioned correctly otherwise they will be crushed during the reassembly

11) Reconnect the bottom and top pieces of the casing, being careful not to crush the wires

12) Fasten the lower and upper pieces with screws

13) Place the power pack inside the body of the machine and tighten the two screws at the bottom

14) Replace the plastic covering taking care to bend the return spring and secure with screws


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