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Novaltec Group was born in1994 and currently produce and sell a complete line of tools and machines for cleaning and sanification.
Our headquarters is in Scorzè, in the province of Venice. We can offer you the best solutions, thanks to our network of technicians and sales outlets. 

Steam engines

What is steam

Everybody knows what happens when you heat water: its temperature increases until it reaches boiling point and if, the heat remains constant, the evaporation process begins and steam is created. From the molecular point of view, this vaporization process occurs because the water molecules are liberated from their usual (liquid) state of molecular attraction

3 essential values ​​: steam , safety and professionalism

STEAM: steam is able to sanitize environments, breaking down mold, fungi, and dust mites naturally. Steam cleaning prevents allergies, which result from the presence of these bacteria or from chemical agents that are otherwise used to eliminate them.

SAFETY: It is well known that water vapor, because of its unique properties, is 100% effective. Some scientific research on the subject has shown that steam cleaning is able to kill germs, bacteria and dust mites in a much more effective way than any chemical substance. Because steam cleaning is completely non-toxic it is also beneficial for the environment: unlike chemical cleaners which can be dispersed in our air, food and water, steam cleaning does not pollute or cause environmental risks.

PROFESSIONALISM: the machines produced by Novaltec are designed to deliver steam at high temperatures in order to obtain the maximum cleaning and sanitization all while avoiding the need to use chemical products. All machines and components are entirely designed and manufactured in Italy. Our models are designed and manufactured to address professional needs for speed and efficiency while being in full compliance with HACCP regulations. Operator safety is guaranteed thanks to the quality of materials and components and appropriate safety features.

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